Free libraries of mending and planting items to share with your neighbourhood.

The Sew&Sow Libraries are for everyone.

Maybe you need an extra bit of thread or button to mend your trousers. You have a packet of seeds you don’t have space for in your garden. Or you’re looking to borrow a wheelbarrow. Share your extra bits and bobs with the neighbourhood. Offer something up or put out the word you’re seeking something.

a local group of menders, home growers and enthusiastic community members.

those Little Free Libraries you may have stumbled across tucked into hedgerows, mounted to fences and even built into tree trunks. These little libraries are spread all around the world.



You can find Sew&Sow Libraries at the following locations:


We began installing our first boxes around Lancaster in September 2020. In the future, we will be able to provide information and assistance in setting up your own box. However, if you would like to make your own, nothing is stopping you!


Not only is the Sew&Sow Library a resource for the neighbourhood, we’ll also be sharing resources here. Directing visitors to websites, local groups and organisations with a wealth of information including mending, sewing, seed saving, sowing seeds, etc.

If you have a website, Facebook page or a group that meets in person and would like us to include your details on this site, please be in touch!


Partners & Sponsors

Advocates well-being and sustainability through skill-sharing with people across the community.

Creating links and opportunities to share and exchange skills and knowledge around sustainability, upcycling, natural methods, sewing and handiwork.

Providing opportunities for development of skills and knowledge and an awareness of sustainability. 

Developing, producing, selling goods and facilitating workshops to enable economic wellbeing with a sustainable and local scope.

FoodFutures’ vision is a thriving local food system that is healthy, resilient and fair. 

Raising awareness of issues surrounding sustainable and healthy food.

Supporting the development of a collaborative coss-sector food partnership that oversees the development and delivery of a Sustainable Food City Lancaster Action Plan for making healthy, resilient and fair food a defining feature of Lancaster District. 


Harnessing local passion and expertise for healthy, resilient and fair food in order to help it spread and grow so that more people, places and organisations within our District can access and experience the benefits that come from being part of a resilient food sector.


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